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Accepting New Clients

Throughout life people face challenges that can be difficult to navigate. These challenges could include depression, anxiety, self-esteem, personal relationships, parenting challenges, career changes, or everyday personal growth. 

Everyone has their own path in life; as your therapist it is my responsibility to help guide you through your path not tell you to which path to take.


Client Focus


Youth/Adolescents (14-18)

Adolescents face many challenges today; from school bullying, relationships with peers and family, self-esteem, feeling alone, depressed or feeling overwhelmed from their daily life stressors. I’m support adolescent clients by helping them build life skills, learn how to advocate for themselves, and to cope with daily stressors while they learn to navigate their own path.

Young Adults (18-25)

Many young adults suffer from ADHD, depression and self-esteem issues because they struggle in today’s new age of social media, video games and the need to act and be like those in the media. I support young adults with their transition from youth to adulthood by teaching life and coping skills while helping the young adult build their own path for a successful life. 


Adult clients have face numerous challenges from depression and anxiety to work stressors and parenting challenges. I support adults by building life skills in a therapeutic way to meet their overall goals to have a healthy life.


Families have their own unique dynamics which affects how a family communicates, how the parents choose to parent and the roles each individual family member takes. At times your family dynamics can fracture leaving the family unable to function in a cohesive manner. I support your family through a variety of different means, including in-home family sessions, coaching, and office visits to help your family rebuild. 



Hourly rate is between $125 and $135. 

Accepting Premera Blue Cross, First Choice and Regence Insurance. 

All co-pays are due at time of service. In some financial situations rates may be adjusted. 

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